A to Z Challenge: Apathy

I promised my husband that I would meet my goal of writing 500 words of my novel today. The problem is…I just don’t feel like doing it. Instead, I keep obsessively checking my email (When will my submissions answers ever come in?) and browsing Facebook (which I never do unless I simply don’t want to do whatever I’m supposed to be doing). Or I write a blog post about apathy because that is what I am feeling today. (Of course, the whole time I am writing this I am twirling my chair back and forth and chatting, writing a few words every few minutes.)

So what does a writer do when apathy sets in, when the desire or interest is simply not there? Do we need to treat apathy like writer’s block, like it’s a barrier that must be overcome so we can become productive once more? Or do we just roll with it and give ourselves a break? Or do we use the time to reflect, to figure out why we feel so apathetic? Is the problem really that we are not interested, or is it that we are unwilling to face something that we know must be faced?

For me, apathy has more to do with the later. I am simply not interested in facing something I need to do. For my new book, I am avoiding really putting myself in my protagonist’s state of mind. I don’t feel like opening myself up to the emotions I need to explore. But I’m getting nowhere without going that direction, so I need to just get over my hesitancies.

What about you? What does your apathy look like, and when the desire to write is just not there, what do you do to break the streak?


1 thought on “A to Z Challenge: Apathy”

  1. When you hit the apathy wall, step away from the computer. My solution is to get outdoors and do something — go to the gym, take a walk, visit a museum or botanical garden, go out dancing! Sometimes our plot and characters — whether real life or fictional — will emerge more easily during a creative break.

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